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Kadia Blagrove

Kadia Blagrove is a talented Jamaican-American creator with a knack for writing compelling stories that touch on experiences that shape the lives of black millennials around the country. Her new web series, Lea The Late Bloomer, is a reflection of that gift and her ability to lift up others who may be struggling to navigate life.

Lea The Late Bloomer tells the story of a 28-year-old aspiring filmmaker whose failed stint in Los Angeles landed her back home in The Bronx with her parents, with no job and a laundry list of issues.

From dating to career aspirations, Lea The Late Bloomer speaks to the many obstacles faced  by young adults trying to get their lives together.

What inspired you to create Lea The Late Bloomer?

I consider myself a writer first. I’ve written articles about lifestyle and culture for a variety of publications. In addition to that, I enjoy connecting with people and being vulnerable through my words. At the time I wrote Lea The Late Bloomer I was going through a rut, so I decided to make a web series that explored the many things black millennials and Gen Zers go through.

How would you describe your style as a storyteller?

I would say my style of storytelling is a mixture of vulnerability and humor. With Lea The Late Bloomer, there are many things that make you laugh at yourself that would otherwise make you may cringe. I like to add a bit of humor to heavy issues.

Is there anything you want viewers to take away from Lea The Late Bloomer?

I want people to feel comfortable in their growth. The show speaks to a generation that is influenced by social media. Young adults have a tendency to compare their insides to everybody’s outside. Lea The Late Bloomer is the show that reveals all the things we try to conceal about ourselves, like our insecurities and comparisons to other people. I want the show to make people feel comfortable and I want them to understand blooming is a process. I want them to know that they are not alone because we are all trying to bloom.

Follow Kadia Blagrove on Instagram at @itskadiab.