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There is no greater creative freedom than video. Storytelling is crucial to our livelihood, and moving images allow us to tell stories, shine a light on untold narratives, and shift culture like no other medium.

A Space for Creators understands this, and is committed to empowering the creative community by reinventing video streaming platforms. Storytelling should be just as bold and unapologetic, as are their creators. The should the distribution model for this content should not be any different. Here at A Space for Creators, we exist to lift the voices of black creators and share stories that too often go untold. Are you ready to join the movement?

Reshape the Narrative

The video industry tells you to be one way — we tell you not to listen. Authenticity is the most important thing when it comes to video and storytelling, and our web series capture that in many different facets. From real-life documentaries that allow hushed voices to rise to comedy web series that shine a light on different communities, our video creators embrace authenticity in every way, shape, and form.

In turn, this allows them to curate meaningful stories that encourage and uplift other creators. There is nothing quaint about A Space for Creators — our video streaming platform is built by creative minds who dare to reshape the narrative, and we’re excited to welcome you to their stories.

Diverse Stories From Diverse Creators

The world needs diversity, and our video streaming platform delivers it through a plethora of storytelling formats. No two backgrounds, upbringings, and experiences are the same, and our creators embrace that fact by creating diverse content that impacts multiple cultures.

We love that our storytellers each have unique traits that make every web series different. From art-based upbringings that turn video into artwork, to introspective docuseries that examine untold stories in local communities, and even interview series with some of Hollywood’s most successful black influencers, A Space for Creators has it all.

Embrace Your Voice

If you’re ready to see what true authenticity looks like, our video streaming platform awaits. We publish comedy web series, drama web series, interview web series, documentary web series, and more from emerging storytellers across the nation. Each story is as unique as the last, and every time you tune into a new web series, you’re helping support creators everywhere.

As part of the iONE Digital network, A Space for Creators allows video producers and viewers to embrace their voice like never before. Follow your favorite producers to stay up-to-date on their latest work. You can stream all of our shows on our website or on YouTube, so make sure to subscribe today so you don’t miss any of the action!