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According to a recent study by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, African Americans make up approximately 40% of the 568,000 Americans that experience homelessness. Many times the story behind why people end up homeless falls on deaf ears, but filmmaker Terrence Williams is giving a voice to those who have been forgotten.

Williams’ new short film Woman In The Mirror, follows the life of a woman stricken with a mental illness following the loss of her daughter. In her mind, she prepares her daughter for school every day but she soon realizes that it is only an illusion and she has been homeless for a year.

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Terrence Williams

It’s a short film that immediately touches your soul and makes you realize how trauma and mental illness can contribute to someone becoming homeless. Williams says he wanted to make a film that spoke to the humanity of the homeless, one of the most overlooked and misunderstood segments of the population.

“Homelessness is a rampant issue and continues to increase across the country, said Williams. I wanted to tell a story that holds a mirror up to the viewers so they are able to be more considerate in how they treat people dealing with homelessness.”

The lead role in this powerful short film is played by Deborah Joy Winans, the wife of Terrence Williams and one of the stars in the popular OWN drama series Greenleaf.

Winans says she has always wanted to collaborate on a project with her husband and hopes viewers get a better understanding of how mental illness can impact someone’s life.

“I have always wanted to collaborate with my husband, said Winans. I hope viewers think about the state of mental health in the black community and what holding on to trauma and guilt can do to ones mind.”

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