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Morgan Cooper

Source: IOne Digital / iOne Digital

Name: Morgan Cooper
Occupation: Filmmaker
Location: Kansas City, Missouri
How We Know Him: Director of Bel-Air short film
Why We Chose Him: Cooper is considered by many in the film industry as the next great up and coming film director
What’s Next: Project he pitched was recently picked up for distribution
IG: @cooperfilms

“In Kansas City, born and raised,” are the opening lyrics to the journey of filmmaker Morgan Cooper but Bel-Air, a modern-day short film inspired by the 90’s sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, is the trailer to a career that is destined for greatness.

Morgan is the director behind BelAir, the short film that captivated audiences and went viral earlier this year. The flick even garnered the attention of stars such as Alyssa Milano, Ava DuVernay and the Fresh Prince himself – Will Smith. Morgan says his inspiration to make the short film was very pure and to be acknowledged by the A-lister was truly an honor. “It was amazing to have Will Smith support my film and believe in my approach to this incredible story,” he said. “To have a man who has inspired me respond to my work in a positive way was a beautiful feeling.”

His short films U Shoot Videos? and State of America have also received high praise and deliver powerful cinematic visuals infused with authenticity. Morgan says his films are bigger than him and he wants to use his platform to empower people from Kansas City and around the world.

“Art without service and art without sowing into your community doesn’t carry weight in my opinion,” says Morgan. “To be able to give back and create opportunities is really at the heart of my why and I hope that my work shows black and brown people that they can succeed in this industry.”