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Chelsea Odufu

Source: iOne Digital / iOne Digital

Name: Chelsea Odufu
Occupation: Filmmaker and Content Creator
Location: New York, NY
How We Know Her: Director of Ori Inu: In Search of Self
Why We Chose Her: Chelsea’s “Afro-futuristic” cinematic style has shined a light on the importance of diversity on-screen and her work is sparking conversations that create social change.
What’s Next: Chelsea will be working on more projects that promote positive images of black people.
IG: @oriinufilm

Chelsea Odufu is a dynamic filmmaker whose work shatters the monolithic narratives on blackness. Her work is authentic and serves as a bridge that takes audiences on a journey across the Black Diaspora. The director, who is of Guyanese  and Nigerian descent, was hired straight out of college by Spike Lee and has worked on a number of projects including Chi-Raq and She’s Gotta Have It.

She credits Spike for making her a more efficient curator of the black experience. “Working with Spike is always awesome,” says Chelsea. “I learned how to build a brand as a filmmaker and how to be more efficient as a content creator.”

Her film Ori Inu: In Search of Self, showcases Odufu’s efficiency as a storyteller and her ability to curate meaningful stories that empower black voices. Ori Inu: In Search of Self is provocative and sparks conversations on black issues in a magical way. She says it’s her lifelong mission to use her work as a vessel that connects black people to their true identity.

“I always task myself with showing positive images of black people outside of slavery,” says Chelsea. “I want black people to have a deeper understanding of who they are and I want to diversify blackness so we all feel like we have a voice.” Chelsea hopes that her work removes the stigmas associated with the lack of exposure to the many diverse elements of black culture.

“My background is the foundation that allows my work to connect the diaspora together,” says Chelsea. “Art has a way of giving people a way to understand a new perspective and my work is a revolutionary tool that I use to spark change.”