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Source: Dionna McMillian / Dionna McMillian dionna@dionnafilm.com

The Next Right Thing is a compelling series that follows the lives of De’Adra and Claire, two best friends in New York City embarking on a journey to live their best lives.

The two friends make an agreement to be on their best behavior as they navigate the dating scene in the Big Apple but both are surprised at how the night ends.

Created by Stori Ayers, Dionna McMillian and Kenzie Ross – The Next Right Thing takes a deep dive into the complexities of self-actualization and friendship.

“I hope viewers notice how important friendships are and how impactful your inner circle is on your life, the choices you make and the direction you head in,” says Stori.

“As we watch these two women decide who they want to be individually, I hope audiences evaluate their own inner circles and determine whether their friends are helping or hindering them reach their goals.”

One of the most interesting dynamics is that De’Adra and Claire come from two completely different backgrounds.

Kenzie hopes the series provides a space for viewers to see things from a new perspective.

“I hope the series broadens assumptions around love life, friendship and life changes,” says Kenzie. “I would love for people to be left with a feeling of connection and community – where they can laugh but also feel seen and heard with the topics we incorporate.”

Dionna says showcasing women as three-dimensional characters is important when it comes to telling authentic stories about women.

“When audiences are presented with images of women that are limited in scope, it creates unrealistic or idealistic expectations of women,” says Dionna. We wanted to make sure that we broke past the tried and true tropes of female characters. So we decided to create a series that displays women in all of our diversity, silliness, failures and glory.

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