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Are you looking for new web series to watch as you stay-at-home? Make good use out of your time by discovering the next generation of award-winning filmmakers whose web series are currently streaming on A Space for Creators.

We exist to lift the voices of creators and share stories that are rarely told. From thought-provoking docuseries to web series that provide comedic relief , A Space for Creators has an array of titles that you will enjoy.

Here a five binge-worthy series to help you make through the day.

Share My Ride

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a personal driver for hundreds of people? “Share My Ride” takes us inside the

conversations and experiences of multiple rideshare drivers. Fatin Dantzler, known for being one half of the popular Neo-soul group Kindred the Family Soul, hosts the web series from the driver seat of his car as he is joined by other rideshare drivers who share some of their most memorable moments behind the wheel. 

Last Words

A short film starring Deborah Joy Winans and Ryan Napier, “Last Words” explores the relationship of a young couple fighting for love and life. After a man receives a cancer diagnosis, it forces him to shut down and compartmentalize everything in his life. With his fiancée by his side, see how the two navigate the abrupt change in this story of love, growth, and perseverance. 

The Next Right Thing

Stori Ayers and Kenzi Ross star in this dramedy about two best friends who embark to live their best lives. The web series follows De’Adra and Claire as the duo navigate the tricky dating scene in New York City. Though both make a commitment to become the best version of themselves, they consistently find themselves only able to accomplish the next best thing time and time again. Follow the comedic yet truthful exploration of love, dating, race, and family in this must-see web series.

You, Me, Us…

Starring Nia Witts and Geno Brooks, “You, Me, Us…” takes us inside the journey of two people trying to forge their own personal growth while maintaining a healthy relationship. The couple remain by each other’s side as they live on the edge of family drama, crime, triumph, and more, learning to rely on one another in the best and worst of times. 

Lea the Late Bloomer

“Lea the Late Bloomer,” a dramedy series that follows the story of a 28-year-old aspiring filmmaker. At this point in her life, Lea envisioned herself living luxuriously in Los Angeles discussing her next movie script with Ava DuVernay. Instead, she’s back in the Bronx living with her parents awaiting the success she’s always envisioned. 

You can find all of these new web series and dozens more on our video streaming platform at A Space for Creators, or on our YouTube Channel. We are so proud to showcase the creative minds of multicultural creators throughout the nation!