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A Space For Creators prides itself on championing creators who are using their artistry to elevate Black voices as we strive to deliver powerful stories that authentically encapsulate the Black experience.

This week, A Space For Creators kicked off Crafted With Purpose 2020, a virtual series exploring the moments of personal discovery that enable intentional storytelling and present rarely seen depictions of multicultural communities.

In its third year, Crafted With Purpose returned with Share Her Story: The Urgency in Allyship, a captivating two-part conversation that focused on the rise in women’s incarceration and solutions aimed at protecting Black women. In 2019, Crafted With Purpose featured Dui Jarrod, Ya’ke Smith and an array of creators who are using their artistry to offer prospective and voice to marginalized communities. This year, the compelling conversation series has showcased an even greater mission to amplify Black voices by addressing important issues that are critical to the advancement of Black communities.

Share Her Story: The Urgency in Allyship, was activated in partnership with Until Freedom, a social justice organization rooted in the leadership of diverse people of color to address systemic and racial injustice.

You can watch the full two-part conversation from Share Her Story: The Urgency in Allyship below.

The Rise in Women’s Incarceration

  • Monalisa Johnson – Filmmaker and Activis
  • Jamila T. Davis – Activist and Author
  • Nicole Bell – Activist
  • Queen YoNasDa Lonewolf – Activist and Author
  • Ya’Ke Smith – Filmmaker and Educator
  • Mikala Gibson – Filmmaker and Educator

Protecting Black Women

  • Krystal Glass – Entertainment Host
  • Kathy Iandoli – Journalist and Author
  • Tavia Mapp-Deterville – Publicist and Content Manager
  • Caralene Robinson – Filmmaker
  • Javana Mundy – Actress and Writer
  • Perri Camper – Actress and Producer
  • Dr. Arabia Mollette – ER Physician
  • Raniyah Copeland – CEO and President of the Black AIDS Institute

In addition to the two-part conversation, Share Her Story: The Urgency in Allyship also included a curated screening of The Beginning and Ending of Everything and Sauce  – two web series on A Space For Creators that are amplifying the voices of Black women.

Javana Mundy, one of the stars from Sauce, said it’s important that women find their voice and feel empowered to share their stories. “Know your worth because making yourself small will not save you,” said Mundy.

The dates for the second and third installment of Crafted With Purpose 2020 are scheduled to be released in the coming weeks.

Upcoming conversations will explore black identity, black cultural expression and how creators balance the dual identity of being an American and having immigrant parents.

For more information on Crafted With Purpose 2020, stay tuned to our Newsroom or visit the A Space For Creators Instagram and Facebook page.