A Space For Creators prides itself on championing creators who are using their artistry to elevate Black voices as we strive to deliver powerful stories that authentically encapsulate the Black experience. This week, A Space For Creators kicked off Crafted With Purpose 2020, a virtual series exploring the moments of personal discovery that enable intentional storytelling and present rarely seen depictions of multicultural communities. In its […]

According to a recent study by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, African Americans make up approximately 40% of the 568,000 Americans that experience homelessness. Many times the story behind why people end up homeless falls on deaf ears, but filmmaker Terrence Williams is giving a voice to those who have been forgotten. […]

There is no greater creative freedom than video. Storytelling is crucial to our livelihood, and moving images allow us to tell stories, shine a light on untold narratives, and shift culture like no other medium. A Space for Creators understands this, and is committed to empowering the creative community by reinventing video streaming platforms. Storytelling […]

Are you looking for new web series to watch as you stay-at-home? Make good use out of your time by discovering the next generation of award-winning filmmakers whose web series are currently streaming on A Space for Creators. We exist to lift the voices of creators and share stories that are rarely told. From thought-provoking […]

She is a Student Academy Award-winning filmmaker whose film, Lalo’s House – a fictional piece that follows the horrors of sex-trafficking in Haiti – has tugged at the hearts of many and given a voice to little black girls across the African Diaspora. Since her induction into the inaugural Creative Class, Kelley’s film has appeared […]

Kadia Blagrove is a talented Jamaican-American creator with a knack for writing compelling stories that touch on experiences that shape the lives of black millennials around the country. Her new web series, Lea The Late Bloomer, is a reflection of that gift and her ability to lift up others who may be struggling to navigate […]

Fatin Dantzler is known for being one half of the popular neo-soul group Kindred the Family Soul, which includes his wife Aja Dantzler. His career as a musician has allowed him to travel the world and work with the likes of Jill Scott, Raheem Devaughn and Bilal just to name a few. Now the musician, father and […]

Known as the genius who created Rap City The Basement and the creative that gave us videos such as Slim Thug’s Still Tippin’ and Future’s Same Damn Time, John Tucker’s induction into the inaugural Creative Class was different than his counterparts. He had already established his name as a powerful storyteller but is was as a […]

The Journey with Blue is a captivating web series focused on empowering entrepreneurs. Created and hosted by Michelle Blue, this series evokes transparency and shares the stories of entrepreneurs who have navigated the long road to starting a business. From black women in the tech industry and e-commerce, to exploring the importance mental wellness – […]